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Why I'm Running

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I’m running to represent Michigan’s new 47th state house district because I want to live in a world where each of us can thrive to the top of our potential. The ongoing pandemic has shaken the foundations of how our society functions, and I hope to use my experience as a public health professional to help move our state in the right direction toward recovery. 

Every policy issue is a health issue. Our community and individual health depend on the building blocks of our daily lives - community safety, economic well-being, meaningful relationships, affordable food, the built and natural environment, broadband internet access, and a functioning government and services. My passion and entire career have been in the service of advancing health equity, focusing on bringing along groups that have been left out, such as Black, Indigenous, and people of color, rural communities, immigrants, and our LGBTQ+ siblings. I see the differences in the cities, villages, and townships across the 47th district and I want to elevate the voices of our neighbors who have ideas for solutions based on their own life experiences.

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