Twenty LGBTQ+ Leaders Support #Rheingans4Rep

I’m humbled by the outpouring of support our campaign has received from LGBTQ+ leaders across the 47th district and state. Many of the leaders listed below are mentors and colleagues from my decades of work in HIV and AIDS and other social justice spaces, and they know that their teaching and mentorship will be translated into policy action in Lansing. It is through their stories that I better understand the urgent need to amend Michigan’s Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for Michigan’s LGBTQ+ residents in housing, education, employment, and public accommodations, which I will push for if elected to represent this new district.

I am the only candidate in my race with twenty LGBTQ+ leaders publicly supporting me, and I am looking forward to celebrating tomorrow at our Pride Month event. Reserve your ticket today - allies welcome!

  1. Jason Morgan, Washtenaw County Commissioner

  2. Katie Scott, Washtenaw County Commissioner

  3. Travis Radina, Ann Arbor City Councilmember

  4. Kerene Moore, Ann Arbor District Library Trustee

  5. Susan Estep, Saline School Board Trustee

  6. Celeste Kanpurwala, MI Moms Demand Action Chapter Leader

  7. Duane Breijak, Exec. Dir., MI Chapter of the National Assoc. of Social Workers

  8. Sandi Smith, Fmr. Ann Arbor City Councilmember

  9. Leigh Greden, Fmr. Ann Arbor City Councilmember

  10. Leon Golson, Washtenaw County Board of Health Member

  11. Diana Cass, Ann Arbor Human Rights Commissioner

  12. Zackariah Farah, Ann Arbor Renters Commissioner

  13. Naomi Goldberg, Ann Arbor LGBTQ Liaison

  14. Joe Schoch, Jim Toy Community Center President

  15. Carl Struble, Fmr. Jackson Pride Center Director

  16. Linda Lombardini, Fmr. Jim Toy Community Center President

  17. Brad O’Conner, Fmr. Jim Toy Community Center President

  18. Martin Contreras, Fmr. Co-Owner \aut\ BAR & Common Language

  19. Keith Orr, Fmr. Co-Owner \aut\ BAR & Common Language

  20. Deborah Campbell, Retired, Unified - Jackson Office

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