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Carrie is the only candidate endorsed by pro-choice organizations and more than two dozen LGTBQ+ community leaders, and Carrie is the only Gun Sense Candidate designated by Moms Demand Action.

We Support Carrie

" Since I started working with Carrie, I’ve admired her energy and drive to address social justice issues. She has a track record of building coalitions to address complicated problems facing marginalized members of our community, such as Black, indigenous, and other people of color, our LGBTQ+ neighbors, or people experiencing homelessness. She intentionally includes and takes the lead from people living those experiences to identify policy solutions. She’ll be a great addition to push for progressive change in Lansing "

- Mary Hall-Thiam, Community Activist


"Carrie is a valuable member of the Washtenaw County Board of Public Health and it has been great serving with her in this capacity. She brings public health and policy expertise to bear, as well as a strong push for historically excluded community members to lead us forward as we begin thinking about recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s put in the work to ask good questions of staff, seek input from community members, and propose innovative solutions to issues that are raised. She easily explains how so many social issues such as community safety, housing, and the environment contribute to our community’s health. I look forward to being her constituent! "

- Katie Scott, Washtenaw County Commissioner


"Carrie's decades of social justice work represent Ann Arbor's progressive values. She understands how to move us forward on COVID recovery and climate action and will work every day to protect our democratic processes and advance equity. Ann Arbor will be fortunate to have Carrie Rheingans representing us in Lansing."

- Christopher Taylor, Ann Arbor Mayor

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